Lyneric is a friendly youth who likes cars, playing outside, and riding his bike. He has a nurturing and caring personality. Lyneric shows this by his interest in his younger brother’s well-being and looking out for him, his brother is not a part of this adoption. Lyneric can be private and observant when he is… Read more »


Christaun, who likes to be called ‘Chris’, enjoys being outside. He takes pride in being trustworthy and able to learn and do new things independently. He knows how to sort his laundry and use the washer and dryer with minimal supervision. Chris likes to help BBQ and watches closely so he can learn how to… Read more »


Ahmira is a delightful, extraordinary, and charismatic child. She is very friendly, polite, and trustworthy. She enjoys making new friends and is liked by her peers. Ahmira has a joyful attitude. She enjoys laughing, smiling, taking pictures, and making others smile.  Ahmira has a lot of energy and likes keeping busy in her free time…. Read more »


Zander is a young boy with an amazing smile and big, beautiful eyes! He will be a great addition to a family that is looking for love and lots of cuddles. Zander loves to be held and read to. Zander’s personality is positive, happy, and open to learning new things. He loves his in-home education…. Read more »


“I am a dreamer and an artist.” Rico is a very artistic and creative youth. He would like to attend art school one day. Rico likes to draw cartoon strips and even wants to create anime for all ages when he grows up. He also wants to be a tattoo artist one day. Rico’s best… Read more »


“Will yours be the family to fulfill my dream of going to Disney World as a forever family?” Paige has the heart of an artist. She has an artistic streak and uses drawing to express herself. Paige aspires to take art classes because art is her passion, and she wants to learn to draw and… Read more »


“Let’s play a game of basketball.” Rogelio, who prefers to be called Roger, is a quiet youth who may appear shy when you first meet him. Once he becomes comfortable with you, he is more apt to engage in conversation. Roger likes to socialize and talk on the phone with his friends. He enjoys playing… Read more »


Veronica is a sweet and friendly child who enjoys playing outside with her peers. She interacts well with those in her home environment. She is in regular classes and she continues to do very well academically in school. Veronica really loves school, and her favorite subjects are science and math. Veronica continues to interact well with her teachers and… Read more »


Anthony is a very bright young boy, who loves to engage and interact with anyone who loves video games.  He is a kind and funny person who loves to share with others, however, he will seek attention if he can. He lives in a family foster home in which the family engages with other family members, attends church,… Read more »


If you are looking for a wide receiver, Jayden is your man!  He is a fast runner and loves making catches, though his favorite football player is not a receiver but Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts.  He enjoys watching Sunday football and playing with friends, but he also likes to play basketball and kickball.  He is… Read more »