Jerome & Jermiah

” We are very close to one another and would like to remain together. We are looking for a loving, forever family who will allow us to continue to be active and play sports.” Jerome and Jermiah have a very close sibling bond. Jerome is the oldest and will speak up to defend and protect… Read more »

Devin, Alizea, Davian & Julian

Devin, Alizea, Davian, and Julian are a fun-loving bunch of siblings. Devin is the oldest of this sibling quartet. Alizea is the only girl and the second oldest. She is nurturing towards her siblings. Davian is the third oldest, and Julian is the youngest of the siblings. This sibling group loves each other very much…. Read more »


Mica is a lovable and sweet child who enjoys interacting with others and receiving hugs. Mica loves playing with colorful, textured toys and blocks. He also enjoys watching cartoons and listening to his favorite genre of music which is classic Latin songs. He will dance when he hears it played. Mica loves all kinds of… Read more »


Ackyllies is an athlete in the making! He is an active young boy who enjoys playing competitive sports. He loves to play football, basketball and wants to learn how to skateboard. He has a passion for cars, trucks, and flying drones. He is tech-savvy and loves to play video games. He is well-mannered and enjoys… Read more »


Logan is a sweet and lovable child. He enjoys playing outside, and when inside, he spends his time playing with blocks, Legos, Minecraft, and any toy that makes sounds and has lights. He likes superheroes and action-figure toys. Logan enjoys playing on his tablet, looking at google maps and the different buildings he finds. He… Read more »


Talon is a smart and academically savvy young man. While he seems like he is all business he is quite comical and clever. Talon loves to learn and do things with his hands. Talon enjoys reading, watching movies, playing video games, and even creating video games. He particularly enjoys Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit,… Read more »


“I am a very loving and fun guy!” Cesar is a loving and affectionate child. He is able to articulate his feelings and desires in most situations. He enjoys learning about the world around him and continuously strives to make lasting friendships with those around him. He enjoys creative activities such as drawing, coloring, crafting,… Read more »


“I am a very smart kid who loves playing with electronics. I enjoy being involved in more than one activity at a time. I like watching cartoons and going on adventures.” Francisco is a very active, bold, and adventurous child. He is curious about the world around him and eager to learn new things. Francisco… Read more »


Dwayne is a very sweet, happy, playful, and caring teenager. He enjoys playing with electronics on his tablet, his Nintendo Switch, a cell phone or YouTube. Dwayne enjoys being outdoors and going to the Children’s Museum, the park, the zoo, and having a movie night out. He enjoys family time.  He would like to travel… Read more »


Demunyea is a kind, respectful, and energetic young man. He enjoys being outside where he can play basketball or run around, especially when someone plays with him! Demunyea enjoys playing video, board, and card games in his free time. He really enjoys spending one-on-one time with adults/mentors as well as spending time with his peers…. Read more »