“I like to play basketball.”   Profile London is a quiet youth who likes to read, which is something he does at night before he goes to bed. His favorite book is Bronxwood. London enjoys playing sports with his peers, and his favorite sport is basketball. He likes to hang out with his friends and… Read more »

Alex, Alan & Adrian

“A wish is to make stuff out of clay, I wanna make figures and then paint them!”–Alex   Alexander goes by Alex and is easygoing with great manners. Alex likes animals and would like to one day have a pet. Alex’s favorite foods are pizza, tacos, and hamburgers! He also enjoys playing with his DC/Marvel… Read more »


  “Let’s play tennis together.” Zechariah enjoys activities such as playing tennis, swimming, playing the piano, and playing other sports. He is a very easy-going, calm child and is very loving. Zechariah is a shy child upon first meeting new people and will tend not to use his words however once he becomes comfortable Zechariah… Read more »


“I’m a very friendly, playful, and outgoing boy. I enjoy playing sports and video games.” David is a very sweet, friendly, and outgoing child. He enjoys all kinds of sports, but soccer and baseball are among his favorites. David loves swimming and can spend all day at the pool if allowed. David enjoys going to… Read more »


“I hope to one day get to go to a big carnival with lights and get on all the rides!”  Reyes is a sweet kid with an adventurous spirit. He gives everything a chance at least once. Reyes enjoys being outside and just doing boy things like exploring, climbing, bike riding and playing sports. He… Read more »


“I love playing video games and anything electronic. I like having fun and playing with others.” Shedrick is a detail-oriented child who loves to put things together and electronics. He has recently taken pride in showing off his manners as a young gentleman. He is helpful when needed and loves to assist in whatever way… Read more »


“I am a very laid-back kid. I like to play, watch TV, or play on my PlayStation.” Phillip is a friendly and happy teenage boy who is very smart, does well at school, and enjoys attending school a lot. He has no trouble making friends and socializes well with others. He does make friends easily… Read more »


“I’m a cool dude that likes video games. I wish I could play them all day long.” Joseph is a youth who enjoys many typical things that children his age does, but when he does them, he stands out! He likes collecting cars of all types; whether it is a Hot Wheel, die-cast put together… Read more »


“I like watching cartoons and going on adventures with my family and friends.” Francisco is a very bold and daring boy with an infectious smile! He loves watching cartoons, playing with his toys, and looking nice in his new outfits. Francisco loves having individual attention from his caregivers. He is shy at first upon first… Read more »


Elias said that he has been in foster care since he was about 4 or 5 years old. He is now 14 years old. His hopes and dreams are to be adopted. He would like to be a football player. He sees himself as a strong person with a great mind in the next 10… Read more »