Margarita has a sarcastic sense of humor and can be easygoing if she feels welcomed in her environment. Margarita is in the 10th grade, and she does require special education services. Margarita’s forever family will have to have an open mind and be flexible. Margarita does not identify to be religious and would do better in… Read more »


“I love playing outside, dressing up, and swimming.” Julissa is a bright, friendly outgoing girl.  She loves meeting and interacting with people. She enjoys playing outside with her friends, especially riding bicycles. She also enjoys going to the gym, where she enjoys swimming in the gym pool.  She is a girly girl who likes to… Read more »

Ann Marie

Ann Marie is a sweet teenager with many interests and a curious mind. She is interested in learning to wear makeup, fix her hair, and learn to cook new recipes. Ann Marie turns to music when she is happy, sad, or bored. She is crafty and likes anything artsy. She wishes one day she’ll learn… Read more »


“I like to play outside. I like playing with science toys and shopping.” Profile Veronica is a sweet and friendly child who enjoys playing outside with her peers. She interacts well with those in her home environment. She is in regular classes and she continues to do very well academically in school. Veronica really likes… Read more »


Hi, I’m Nathaly and I love going sightseeing, learning and socializing. Profile Nathaly has a bubbly and chatty personality! She is vocal and likes to ensure she gets her thoughts across to anyone willing to listen. Nathaly is strong-willed and loves being a leader. She enjoys socializing and going on outings, this is what makes… Read more »


Timberly is a happy, sweet, and loveable youth who has a very friendly and sociable personality. She loves to color and do yoga. She enjoys going to the skating rink, park, and riding her bike. Timberly benefits from additional support in school. She really enjoys learning and keeping herself busy; she is an independent and… Read more »


Rachel is a sweet girl who loves to stay active. Some of the activities she enjoys include exercise, playing sports, and drawing. Basketball, football, and kickball are her favorite sports. She enjoys anything adventurous. Rachel does best when she is stays busy; she enjoys either helping out in the kitchen at home with baking or… Read more »

Eyanna and Cheryl

Eyanna and Cheryl have a very close bond and enjoy being with one another. Eyanna is getting away from playing with dolls in the manner that Cheryl does. Cheryl would like to live in a Barbie house which sometimes leaves Cheryl by herself. Eyanna is learning to be big sister and she will still play… Read more »


Andera is an active and loveable young girl. She is a smart child who finds ways to make her daily needs and desires known. Andera takes her time to adjust to a new environment. Though, once she has adapted to her new environment, she is a loving child. Andera appears to be very in tune… Read more »

Angel & Anthony

Angel and Anthony have their own personalities, however, together they complement each other.  Anthony tends to be more reserved while Angel can be more boisterous.  At times, Anthony will take the lead on certain projects, but Angel will never let him think he is alone, even when she is being quiet.  For the most part,… Read more »