“I see myself as any other kid. (Funny, difficult and always wanting snacks).” Rayne is knowledgeable and observant of her surroundings. She enjoys meeting new people and spending time with her foster siblings and biological siblings. Rayne is shy and reserved at first, but once she gets to know you, she is very outgoing and… Read more »


Kayla loves listening to music, dancing, eating, dressing up, playing softball and volleyball, swimming, watching television, and roller skating. Kayla understands right from wrong and can be helpful when she desires. Kayla can easily communicate her feelings and advocate for her desires. She continues to maintain contact with her paternal grandmother and siblings by phone. Kayla is… Read more »

Meysi, Cayam, Jesus & Juan

Meysi, Cayam, Juan, and Jesus are active and fun-loving children. Their sibling bond is strong and considers each other teammates. Meysi is quiet and more to herself as she is the only girl in the group and finds her brothers to be an annoyance at times. Meysi is also the protector of the group and… Read more »


“I am Ebohnee and I am really funny and I like to make jokes. I love the color green, love dogs, love arts and crafts, and I am not into ‘girly things.”   Ebohnee, 11 years old, is a fun-loving child with hopes and dreams of working with animals or as a meteorologist one day…. Read more »


“My name is Amberlyn. I love to read and have adventures. I am ready to move forward with a family.” Amberlyn is a sweet, goal-oriented youth. She loves to read and is currently re-reading The Vampire Academy books. Amberly is already planning her next book series to read. She enjoys movies and going to the… Read more »

Yazmina, Treavyon, Treazure & Arriyah

“We need parents that will love us together forever.” Yazmina is a sweet girl with a love for gymnastics and hopes to one day join a gymnastic team again. Yazmina does well in school and makes friends easily. She is easygoing and calm with an energetic personality. She is always open to trying new things… Read more »


“I am a shy, but loving girl who enjoys gymnastics, soccer, and playing with baby dolls.”   Victoria is an a playful, yet shy girly girl. She enjoys coloring, playing with baby dolls, polishing her nails, and applying makeup. She likes to play video games on her tablet. She is also sporty. She enjoys playing… Read more »


“I like playing with dolls and puppies.” A’aliyah is a loving, sweet, and social child. She is full of energy too! A’aliyah enjoys playing outside, riding her bike, and taking trips to the park. She also loves playing games, using electronics, creating arts and crafts, cooking, listening to music, playing with American Me Doll, doing gymnastics, singing, and… Read more »


“I love myself and you will too!” Briana is a loving and outgoing child, who appears to be shy initially. She has a lot of energy. She loves tumbling, acrobats, doing cartwheels, and will do the splits all day. She loves running around and playing outside. Briana also likes to draw, do arts and crafts, and writes in… Read more »


Get your art supplies ready, because Ella is a loving girl who loves to do the artwork. When she is not creating art, she enjoys hanging out with other children her age. Ella hopes to someday travel to Puerto Rico and walk on the beach barefooted. She has big dreams and knows they can only… Read more »