Jacobo & Bryan

“We want a family to give us extra hugs when we are having a tough day.” Jacobo is very active, and respectful, and enjoys doing things both indoors and outdoors. He can spend hours riding his bike, playing basketball, playing video games, and building things with my Legos. Jacobo is always ready to have fun… Read more »

Yazmina, Treavyon, Treazure & Arriyah

“We need parents that will love us together forever.” Yazmina is a sweet girl with a love for gymnastics and hopes to one day join a gymnastic team again. Yazmina does well in school and makes friends easily. She is easygoing and calm with an energetic personality. She is always open to trying new things… Read more »

Giovanni & Julian

“We enjoy swimming and playing games such as hide and seek with one another. We love eating at McDonald’s” Giovanni and Julian are very close and enjoy spending time with one another. He looks after Julian and is good at assisting him with different tasks. Giovanni and Julian enjoy playing outside, swimming, playing games, listening… Read more »

Louis & Master

“We enjoy spending time with each other and share a close bond. We love sports and being outdoors. We need a family that is willing to grow with us and understand our need for stability, love, and nurturing.”   Louis and Master are a pair of brothers who are very close to one another. Louis,… Read more »

Miracle & Santiago

Miracle and Santiago are a pair of close siblings who get along very well with each other. Miracle takes her role of being the older sister seriously and sometimes wants to be the boss. Both siblings are protective of each other. Miracle and Santiago enjoy playing with each other and have some of the same… Read more »

Eyanna and Cheryl

Eyanna and Cheryl have a very close bond and enjoy being with one another. Eyanna is getting away from playing with dolls in the manner that Cheryl does. Cheryl would like to live in a Barbie house which sometimes leaves Cheryl by herself. Eyanna is learning to be big sister and she will still play… Read more »

Anthoney, Antwann & Artavius

Artavius, Anthoney and Antwann get along well together. They enjoy sharing toys with one another and going outside throwing the football. The children like to joke with one another as well as watch television together. The children like to go to their favorite restaurants together and enjoy their favorite meals. Artavius is smart and energetic… Read more »