Alex, Alan & Adrian

“A wish is to make stuff out of clay, I wanna make figures and then paint them!”–Alex   Alexander goes by Alex and is easygoing with great manners. Alex likes animals and would like to one day have a pet. Alex’s favorite foods are pizza, tacos, and hamburgers! He also enjoys playing with his DC/Marvel… Read more »

Vanesa, Bryan, Ismael and Elizabeth

Vanesa, Bryan, Ismael and Elizabeth have a healthy bond and want to be adopted together. Vanesa has an unconditional love for her siblings that is obvious. She will help them in any way, regardless of whether they are all playing together, completing homework, or getting chores done. Bryan is the big brother that bonds the… Read more »

Eyanna and Cheryl

Eyanna and Cheryl have a very close bond and enjoy being with one another. Eyanna is getting away from playing with dolls in the manner that Cheryl does. Cheryl would like to live in a Barbie house which sometimes leaves Cheryl by herself. Eyanna is learning to be big sister and she will still play… Read more »

Angel & Anthony

Angel and Anthony have their own personalities, however, together they complement each other.  Anthony tends to be more reserved while Angel can be more boisterous.  At times, Anthony will take the lead on certain projects, but Angel will never let him think he is alone, even when she is being quiet.  For the most part,… Read more »

Eddie and Rayne

Eddie and Rayne display a close sibling relationship and tend to be a very close-knit unit. While spending time together, they often finish each other’s sentences while laughing uncontrollably at random jokes. Both are incredibly protective of one another and oddly, gives the exact answers to questions. Eddie is older, but Rayne often offers advice… Read more »

DeVonta and Deonta

DeVonta and Deonta are very bonded and attached to each other and their other siblings.  They also love and enjoy playing sports, watching television, playing video games and talking with each other.  DeVonta and Deonta are on a football team together at this time.  DeVonta and Deonta are working on getting along and are doing… Read more »

Anthoney, Antwann & Artavius

Artavius, Anthoney and Antwann get along well together. They enjoy sharing toys with one another and going outside throwing the football. The children like to joke with one another as well as watch television together. The children like to go to their favorite restaurants together and enjoy their favorite meals. Artavius is smart and energetic… Read more »