What kinds of displays are used?

There are three kinds of displays: Easel Exhibit, Permanent Electronic Exhibit, and Virtual Electronic Exhibit.

  • Easel Exhibit~ Portraits of the children are on stretched canvas museum mounted 20×24″ portraits that can be easily hung on walls or displayed on easels. The portraits can also be placed around host locations on lightweight, space-efficient metal easels. We accommodate spaces with as little as one printed portrait to as many as 40. {Easel foot print approximately 70”high x 28”wide}
  • Permanent Electronic Exhibit~ These exhibits are commonly used in museums, hospital lobbies, and offices. They can include a variety of display items, but are generally built around a smart TV that electronically displays Heart Gallery Houston portraits of children with their name and age.  We are able to showcase the most children through this type of display. These exhibits work best utilizing a business’s existing monitor where we send them programming information electronically. Please contact us to learn more about this special option.
  • Virtual Electronic Exhibit~ Moving with the ‘virtual’ times! If your business is doing virtual events, meetings, or shows and would consider showing a slideshow of our Heart Gallery children and information, let us know. We can prepare the file for you and send the information electronically. Prefer to have a staff member present before or at the end of your event? We can make that happen too!